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Can't hold down job with my memory issues. Please help!!

Hi everyone, I'm back on here after 5 years of giving up on getting better to finally try again. 20 years of undiagnosed Hypothyroidism has now turned into Hashimotos. I have every hypo symptom but by far the worst for me are the cognitive issues. I have tried and failed so many times this past 5 years to try and be normal and so have gone back to work but every job I have had- 3 now has ended because of my inability to remember things, turn up on time, string thought sequences together, and generally function. I am at my wits end. I am a single mum with 3 children and scared. My current job has now got to the point where my boss has had to call me to one side several times now and I can see jyst where its headed. Please if there is anybody out there who can advise me what to do I would be so grateful...😢

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hayleyhappyface Have you got any test results to share? Ideally you need




And as you have cognitive issues the problem could very well be with low nutrient levels so the following should be tested

Vit D




You can ask your GP to do them or do a private fingerprick test with Blue Horizon or Medichecks

Post your results with reference ranges for members to comment.

As you already know you have Hashimoto's, are you strictly gluten free and supplementing with selenium to help reduce the antibodies?


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