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Requested blood test

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism about 4 months ago by a wonderful trainee dr who has now left :(

I'd only had my TSH checked, not sure on the figure the first test, but the 2nd test was 12. I'm on 75mg of levo, trainee dr thought I would need to be on at least 100, but conseratorily put me on 50 to start with.

The recent dr gave me a new bloods form but it was only asking for TSH again. My cousin is a nurse and when I told her what bloods I should really have she said she would take them and complete the form and take them into work. This was last week. I asked for TSH, TT4, FT4, FT3, TPO, TgAb, B12, folate, ferritin and vitamin D.

I have received a letter from the Drs saying they want me to have a repeat bloods done in a week for serum u&e, but I didn't get this done in the first place!

They haven't mentioned any of the other tests or if I need to go in. What could be the reason they have asked for this test? Should I wait until I've done this and for these results until I contact the Drs and ask for the results of the other tests?

Thanks everyone


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Has your cousin got the results and ranges of your thyroid and vitamin tests yet?

Who has requested U&E tests? Is it your GP or a doctor at the hospital where your cousin works?


Hi, the results are going directly to my Drs not my cousin, and it's the dr who has requested this new test. I'm assuming they must have had the results back, the letter states they have received recent test results and want me to have a repeated blood test, I'm just confused as this one wasn't on the original test :/

Thsnk you for your response :)


I've just come across this website which says that thyroid problems and kidney problems go hand in hand.

I'm probably reading into things, but I wonder if my ft3 or the autoimmune tests have come back irregular and so they are testing the kidneys?


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