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not having thyroid sucks

i post too much but i have to let it out.At first i was happy that i didn't have to live with having nodules on my throat.I dont even care about the scar.As time goes by i feel depressed.i cannot control my emotions like before.its only 2 months and i m sick of taking levo every morning.(And i feel stupid because people here have been taking levo for years).I have to check everyday to remember if i have taken the right dose.4 days 100 and 3 days 50.

the fact that i have to take a pill for the rest of my life now scares me!it makes me feel like i m sick.i can't focus.

i m tired of feeling fatigue.I m tired of have to take blood tests until my hormones get imbalanced.I feel like guinea pig!Do the doctors really know what they are doing? i go through hell when i was taking carbimazole!I suffered with weight gain....extreme hair loss.i was feeling tired and fatigue all the time.And now i have to go through all of this AGAIN!i m 29 i want to be pregnant and i want so many things...i feel like 50.

i feel like i have lost my self since the day i was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and nodules...then the surgery..and people say its nothing there more important health issues.i should feel good.it ruined my life now i m afraid that it will ruin my marriage.

and i can handle all the problems but i cannot stand the weight gain and the hair loss and the fact that i cannot conceive because my hormones aren't balanced.

i m so emotionally ready to give up

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You aren't posting too much. Post as frequently as you need to.

I think your endo has reduced your dose too much. I can't believe a person without a thyroid can do well on an average of 75mcg daily. Your FT3 was so mildly over range that dropping 50mcg a week would probably have been sufficient.

It can take months to become optimally dosed but once that is achieved symptoms will improve and you will be able to conceive and have children.


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