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Some blood results

I posted on here about a week ago. I have most of the thyroid symptoms but seem to always be in the normal range.

My latest results from the doctor for my tsh is:

2.09 mu/Lrange was 0.27 - 4.20

I have booked a blue medical horizon blood test for next week for everything so i will see what the results are then (tried the fingerprick apprently i dont bleed!!!)

The doctor tested me for lupus and some other auto immune stuff all came back negative.

Doctors just wont believe something is wrong with me!

Just to add my doctors dont test for the t4 or t3 if there is nothing wrong with you tsh. They always just relay on the tsh blood test!!

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Cazzie91 Have you booked your blood draw for very early in the morning, hopefully no later than 9am? Don't forget to fast overnight, you can have water. That will give the highest possible TSH which you need for diagnosis. It may help if you can show TSH has been rising over time as that points to the thyroid starting to fail.


Yes my blood test is before 9. My last one i fasted and had it at 8 and thats when it showed 2.09. I think that is the highest reading to date but i will get my results and discuss with doctors.


Cazzie91 If you post your results, with reference ranges, on the forum before speaking to your GP, then members can hopefully point you in the right direction towards a diagnosis.


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