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The Thyroid Secret by Dr. Izabella Wentz (PharmD)

Izabella used the first run to gather feedback and improve the webinar. She is putting out the improved version starting March 1. PR


From her newsletter.

"It means so much to me that you tuned in for the exclusive sneak peek of my documentary series. I read all of your suggestions, and we’ve made improvements based on your ideas, and now we’re all set for the World Wide Premiere of The Thyroid Secret!

Thanks to you, here are the changes we’ve made for the World Premiere:

1.We made a new trailer!

2.We created a schedule page that lets you know when each episode is airing!

3.We moved the air time to 6pm Eastern to allow the adrenals of our fellow East Coasters to rest a bit better :-)

4.We’ve removed some of the repeat stories and added in additional helpful protocols from experts throughout the episodes.

5.We’ve made the entire process smoother and easier and have retained even more wonderful customer service advocates!

Now, thanks to your feedback, we’re ready to get this documentary series out into the world in a big way. We will be airing the entire series again starting on March 1st!

If you haven’t had a chance to watch the series, here’s your chance to jump in and get in on the action. Just click this link to reserve your spot and enter your email to get all of our episode release notifications.



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I have hashimotos and I've read Isabella Wentz' book, amongst other books claiming to help you reverse Autoimmune Throiditis aka Hashis. Anyone who is looking for some straightforward answers and a simple effective programme of recovery will be incredibly disappointed. Although she clearly talks from her own experience, the book is full of contradictions and is a whirl of confusing 'maybes'. It is a marketing ploy pure and simple. Not designed to help the thyroid patient help themselves, but really the videos and the book are designed to overwhelm the patient whilst similtaenously giving you a degree of hope that you maybe she has the answer and you will sign up to her online treatment programme. I am sure there are some nuggets of truth in her book and videos but please do not expect to get a miracle 'fix'. This is even more the case if you live outside of the US. Functional/integrative medicine does not enjoy the same degree of credibility or regulation outside of the US and so Isabella's advice to work with a functional doctor if you're in the UK is a mute point and so you're damned from the get go. To that end, I would proceed with caution when signing up to what is an overt marketing campaign. Manage your own expectations, be positive, work with your doctor and take the 'US functional medicine fraternity's' advice with a huge 'grain' (excuse the pun) of salt.


I agree with you. So much of this functional medicine stuff seems like smoke and mirrors and designed to draw you into buying over priced supplements etc. And if like me, you've had autoimmune thyroid disease for many years, it seems unlikely you can reverse it. Not saying all functional medicine is bunkum of course, there's a lot of good info out there but you always need to sort the wheat from the chaff.


Couldn't agree more with the comments re marketing and monetisation . It's a massive and very well done sales funnel clothed as a 'documentary' Show the needy a chink of hope, cover all bases to suck as many potential punters in as possible (especialy using the leverage of others (this site) segment your market and then sell focussed products to them over and over and over again.

I couldn't bring myself to actually watch more than some of her first video as over the years we have spent thousands on 'alternative' & 'complementory' medicine including tests etc, to end up well by taking T4/T3 mix !!! and I just knew it was gonna be like this and I know sales and marketing especially info. products online.

comment for this site....There is a great danger in promoting and recommending things you haven't fully checked out.

For all those who will no doubt comment " But you haven't even watched it!!"

No I haven't....but then I haven't watched child porn either to know it's bad

live long and prosper



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