T3 results over supplemented- advice pls?

I have had a b***y awful week, have literally crashed and been asleep for the last four days. Everything aches, my skin itches, nauseous- not sure if thisn is a seoarete illness or my thyroid regime?

My bloods in mid November were as follows, having been on 50mcg Levo and 20mcg T3 : TSH 0.2 ( 0.2-5.5)

Free T4 6.5 ( 10-24.5 ) (under reference limit) ,Free T3 3.8 ( 3.1 - 6.8)

On advice here, as I still felt awful, I upped my levo to 75mcg then 100mcg for the last month. Latest blood test is:

TSH 0.05 ( 0.2-5.5) FT4 13.4 ( 10-24.5) FT3 8.2 (3.1-6.8)

My Doctor now says I am too suppressed and my T3 is too high and has told me to reduce back the Levo again. I am having 48 hours clear then starting again with 75 mcgLevo + 20 mcg T3. Since starting T3 I can honestly say nothing has changed and I still drag myself through daily life . Any help or suggestions appreciated. x

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  • Cal1971,

    Did you take T3 before your blood test?

  • pretty sure I didn't but my head has been all over the place lately.......

  • Cal1971,

    If you didn't you are over medicated and 25mcg Levothyroxine dose reduction should drop FT3 back into range. Being over medicated may be why you felt so awful this week. thyroid.about.com/od/thyroi...

  • That's what I deduced- I am also going to go back to splitting the T3 to twice a day I think. Will start back on them tomorrow which will have been 48 hours break which may reassemble my levels a bit!

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