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Sonogram results?

Hi, I was wondering, if anyone knows what the following on my sonogram means?

lobe measures 4.7 CM and the thyroid lobes have mixed echogenicity with

bilateral subcentimeter hypoechoic and isoechoic nodules. There is mild

increased vascularity involving both thyroid lobes and the thyroid

isthmus measures 0.23 CM and also has some mixed echogenicity.


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Hopefully your ordering doctor is going to expain to you in layman's terms what it means. The thyroid gland is divided into two parts, the lobes, which are joined by a bridge called the isthmus.

In the meantime, I would Google " mixed echogenicity", "hypoechoic nodule", "isoechoic nodule" and "vascularity".

I wouldn't worry as it is common to have nodules and rare that nodules are not benign. There is no mention of "suspicious characteristics" so I doubt there is anything to worry about.


Thanks you. It just sounded so 'Unremarkable'. My Endo said that one part of my Thyroid has been damaged and this sonogram just seemed to say 'everything is okey dokey'.


It is interesting that I have a collection of small moles on that side of my neck too. I am using Black Salve to remove them and could feel a pulling on my thyroid. Food for thought....



There is a known connection between thyroid and moles and other skin conditions google.co.uk/search?q=moles...

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