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Anyone see Dr Ian Gallen or Dr Fainia Kavvoura for hypothyroidism lately?

I was able to get an appointment with Dr Gallen for a second opinion after an endo completely dismissed my hypo condition (I'm already being treated with T4 and T3). I chose to go with him based on some messages here. However, I could be seen earlier by Dr Kavvoura who is a consultant at the same clinic, and I was told she is very sympathetic and nice. Does anyone have any recent experience with either of those doctors??? If so, could you pm me your experiences and thoughts on which one is best?

I am a 32yo female and going to ttc in a few months. I also have PCOS. I went undiagnosed for years in the US because Drs only saw my numbers and not my symptoms. I was diagnosed and was treated with NDT until I moved here. My T3 was the main issue and continues to be as when I started T4 my symptoms came back.

Thank you in advance! Just so torn on which decision to make as I don't want the second opinion to be as horrific as the first.

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