Any advice appreciated

Hi all

I've just started thyroxine 25mg been on it about 6 weeks now, I have an appointment with GP tomorrow to see what my levels are ( had bloods done last week) I take my thyroxine about 6 am, I'm fine all day and generally don't feel too bad but come the evening about 7ish I am floored, I have aches and pains and am shattered? Does thyroxine wear off??!! It's all so new and confusing to me😩

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  • whatever you do do not take your levothyroxine in the 24 hours before a blood test

    be sure to arrange blood test early morning and fasting

    25mcg is a miniscule dose and you should have an increase in levothyroxine and be retested every month until your TSH is 1.0 or below

    and your free t4 and free t3 are both in balance and near top of their ref ranges

    always ensure you have a copy of your results and file them

    ask the doctor to test




    vit d3

    because unless all 4 are at least halfeway in their ranges your body cannot utilise the levothyroxine correctly

  • Hi Loozy and welcome, at this stage don't worry about the tiredness. Levo doesn't wear off, it is just that you don't have enough in your system yet. Doses have to be raised slowly so as not to shock your body - a maximum of 25mg every six weeks is generally best. Then blood tests should be taken and dose increased until Tsh is around 1. Symptoms should gradually improve.

    Gillian xx

  • Thank you, it's all just so confusing, had a scan on my thyroid last week and all seems ok just nodules that will be monitored, just want to feel well again, hopefully tomorrow I will have a few more answers when I see my GP , would they have tested for the b12 etc or do I need to ask for separate test? Sorry I just sound so clueless!

  • You should always ask for a copy of all your test results .It is your right to have them.Post them with the ranges shown in brackets for comments. They may not have tested B12 nor the others listed by really fed up.

  • Hi, yes it can be confusing and there is a lot to learn. Why not start by reading through our "parent" website There is a lot of helpful info there, once you have picked up some of the basics then the conversations here should make more sense. Don't worry, we are all here and willing to help.

    Good luck,

    Gillian xx

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