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Erfa Thyroid?

Here I am needing help again. I thought that once I started self medicating things would be easier. And they were a lot easier….. until now. I’ve felt better than I have for years.

A year ago my new doctor tried to take me off of Armour Thyroid and put me back on Thyroxine: I’m highly intolerant of Thyroxine but he wouldn’t believe me.

I ended up self medicating with Erfa - one 125mg tablet per day (I was on Armour one 120 mg per day under my previous doctor who had the audacity to retire) I bought 500 tablets last January with sell by date this April.

What a blessing not to do battle at the surgery every couple of months.

Thinking I’d start checking it out in plenty of time I went on line a couple of weeks ago only to discover the company I bought from are out of stock. Then they noted on their site that they would be getting new stock on 22nd Feb. A few days later they changed it to the 23rd March.

Then for the past few days there’s been no date at all.

I sent a message to the company and they tell me that they’ve been told that Erfa will be discontinued. They do have lesser quantities of the tablet but with an early sell by date.

Does anyone know anything about this?

There are other companies that still seem to have Erfa but they need a prescription and my doctor won’t give me a prescription for anything other than Thyroxine.

Why ever is it always such a battle for us Thyroid sufferers we don't need all the extra worry?

Thanks for being there.

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If members have sources for Erfa they will send you a private message. Continuity of supply is a problem when self medicating because sources are limited. I hope you'll find Erfa or an acceptable substitute.


sun2shine, If you have difficulty getting Erfa, you could consider changing to Thai brand called Thiroyd (manufacturer Greater Pharma), which seems to have very similar potency levels to Erfa (35mcg T4 and 8mcg T3).

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Thanks Red Apple. I will definitely try Thiroyd if I can't get any Erfa tablets. Nice to know something with the same potency levels exists. And such a relief to know there are choices to be had. How ever did people cope before the days of the computer?


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