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Anyone had experience of Liothyonine Sodium 5mcg Perrigo weak dose?

I took Perrigo (cos of Pharmacist cock up) LT3 5mcg for 6 weeks or so and fell back into the world of treacle again - it was awful! My bloods came back real bad...

Serum TSH 2.9 mu/L [0.4 - 5.5]

Serum free T4 9.4 pmol/L [11.0-26.0]

Serum free triiodothyronine 3.8 pmol/L [3.0 - 6.0]

Back on Sigma Pharma 5mcg and feel better :-)

Has anyone else experienced poor quality Perrigo LT3 5mcg or other doses - I wondered whether I should yellow card it with MHRA?

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Although the yellow card scheme might theoretically cover unlicensed medicines which have been prescribed on the so-called named patient basis, I doubt it is worth doing. (Would be different if it was something like it being contaminated with a disease-causing germ, or loaded with poison.) Usually a promoter of putting in yellow card reports, I am not sure there is any point in this case. However, I would be very happy if the MHRA are reading this and post a detailed explanation of why I am wrong. :-)

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Hi Helvella, TEVA LT4 25mcg was yellow carded for low/weak dose as I understand and that promoted the removal for that time cos of Dextrin excipeint I thought why not yellow card the non-licensed Perrigo, because it is a £5.20 per tablet pile of chalk and MHRA need to know? I will go ahead with the yellow carding and see what happens - it would be good to hear if any one else has had my experience.


Certainly agreed that yellow carding was important re Teva.


Hi Amasufindme

I took perrigo 5mcg liothyronine for quite a few years. Three 5mcg three times a day. Then my prescription was filled with sigmapharma Liothyronine (new to market).

I had to drop down to 10mcg. For me it seemed stronger also. Maybe the difference in texture? perrigo you could dissolve easier in mouth the sigma is a hard pill so maybe it dissolves slower in the gut over a longer period of time.

That's my theory anyway???

Not sure about yellow card as Hellvela stated. Just be thankful you getting it as it costs a bomb and if you get vertigo double up dose? I get anxious every time prescription needs filing now as more and more are getting there lio stopped.

Sorry for spelling mistakes auto correct when I don't want it.

Hope this helps.


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