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My G'f has just been told she no longer needs levothyroxine. Thyroid was removed 8yrs ago and had not taken her meds for over 2yrs. Feelings associated with hypothyroidism lead to the recent blood test. Any possible explanations for the "normal" blood results? Thanks for any advice... Plus bashing her for not taking her dose is fine I've told her for years

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Doctors often make pronouncements about thyroid health based on just a TSH test result. If your girlfriend didn't have a Free T4 and Free T3 test done then no real or valid conclusions can be drawn.

Some guesses and suggestions :

1) Your girlfriend only had half her thyroid out and the remaining half works well?


2) Your girlfriend's thyroid grew back?

It is impossible to say what has happened without proper blood testing and a scan of your girlfriend's neck.

Your g/f must have some functioning thyroid tissue because going without meds with no thyroid at all would have killed her long ago.

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Presume thyroid was removed bcos ofGraves disease if thats correct "normal " must never be used as the body would have been senditised to very high levels of thyroid hormone and can never again cope on "normal" vital she now gets actual results for


free t4





vit d3

then its possible to advise

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Normal as in TSH? Doctors tend to use this as the be all and end all but theyare wrong. If your GF has no thyroid then not taking meds will lead to all sorts of ccomplications.


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