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Just a quick question.... has anyone tried Raw Thyroid? It is marketed as a thyroid supplement that is "vacuum dried glandular concentrate"

it says on the back

thyroid substance 200mcg

(Thyroxin free, vacuum dried, defatted, uncut,

100% pure, BSE free, bovine glands)

It smells a bit like my NDT like dried sausage, I'm trying to find a less expensive form of NDT, I also take liothyronine as my main thyroid support......

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Raw Thyroid doesn't confirm whether it contains active T4 or T3 or, if it does, how much. It is a supplement not a replacement for Levothyroxine, Liothyronine or NDT.

Thyroid-S and Thiroyd are the cheapest prescription strength NDT.


Ah ok ... I bought from a vitamin site, presumably that's why there is no specific ingredient details. I do take 75mcg of liothyronine so maybe I will give it a go. Where can I source thyroid-s or thiroyd? My WP cost around £85 for 100 2 grain tablets


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