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should i listen to my edno or do hat i think-he said i m still little hyper/and a hair question

last results were

tsh 0.04 0.4-4.0

t3 4.5 1.8-4.2

t4 1.35 0.89-1.76

he said to take 100 levo for 4 days and 50 for 3 weeks and see him after 6 weeks.

he said i m a little hyper...i dont trust him though

also a lot of people complain about hair loss...i had when i was taking carbimazole but it got better.

i was wondering if taking vitamins helped at all?

enlgish is not my first lang

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What doseage are you currently on? How do you feel on that dose?

Have you had tests for your vitamin B12, ferritin, folate and vitamin D levels? If so please post the results and ranges.


100 and sometimes i feel fatigue but in general i feel ok

no i havent...vitamin is ok though i had it when i was in the hospital


You need to get the test results of your vitamin tests and not presume they are "OK" as a doctors ok just means your test results are within the reference range.

Secondly if you feel fine on 100 then refuse to change doses. You are an individual not a set of numbers and what feels right for you is right.


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