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Hi now as you know on NDT 1 1/2 grains a day .1 grain at 0800 and 1/2 a grain at 1400.Feel so odd at 11.00 and still feel odd at 12.00.almost hyper feeling ,but cannot imagine hyper as not on too much NDT.So sick of feeling ill all day every day for nearly 4 years now ,I thought NDT might be the answer.I just feel like stopping all meds now.How can one after years of treated Hashimotos suddenly be ill one day and not recovered ,I have improved a little but my life seems to be over.I look at others and feel on the outside as they feeling well and I am in this constant bubble of ill health and no one knows why.

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Hi I just saw your post. I am quite new to this forum and have been on a steep learning curve.

One thing I have learned is that the very first thing we must do to get well is change our diet. Have you tried the auto immune paleo? Or at least gluten free. We must do this 100%. I have had to rearrange my life around good cooking! The other thing I have learned is to try to keep a 'steady state'. The medication is really the last thing to change if we feel ill. We need to heal our gut. Get hormones tested supplement our vitamins and minerals etc. When we have done all that correctly for some months, then we can look at changing meds. I think as you are feeling so ill perhaps you should see a functional doctor? Have you tried that? Struggling g on alone is not good for us.

When I kept changing my t4 dose I felt retched. Good luck . I hope you feel better soon.



I am on 2 and 1/4 Nature Throid but take it in one go. I do this because there is no spiking of T3 in NDT. I thought that spreading only applied to Synthetic T3 or was told this by my Endo! You may feel better doing this. Good luck

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