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Sources of NDT?

Hi Community, I have just joined today while I on another set of thyroid and adrenal lab results. I am new to the UK and do not have a regular GP but I do realise that they will be reluctant to prescribe NDT so have taken matters of education into my own hands and like most of you, probably know more than them now....sadly. I have also been working with a nutritionist who is up to date on all this stuff.

I am going to start on NDT after several months of trying the gut health/lifestyle/supplement route first in an attempt to avoid medication. I am not improving much at all and my lethargy and moods are actually worse (along with some other symptoms) so time to bite the bullet and start. So with this in mind, can someone please PM me sources for obtaining quality NDT from reputable suppliers? I would like to start looking into this whilst I wait my results (which are not going to be too much different from the last ones anyway).

I look forward to participating in the community and learning more about the hypothyroid condition. Thanking you in anticipation of your comments and suggestions. Kim

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Welcome to the forum, Kimbo48.

Perhaps you would like to post your previous results and ranges. Most members would prefer to see thyroid results and ranges before sharing sources.


Thanks so much. I should get results by end week so I will post then. That way I have two sets of results and can see if my food/lifestyle/supplement regime helped any....which I am pretty sure it has not with respect to the actual thryoid levels. Thanks for your response. Kim

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