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I am not used to going on forums. I was diagnosed with Underactive Thyroid about 2007, since then I have had a benign brain tumour (melingioma) where my brain joins my spine. Could the operation have damaged by thyroid gland. I am now classed as elderly (76) so will the problems get any better. I am still putting on weight, hissing in the ears, tired, eyebrows nearly gone, nails breaking, migranes etc Last time I went to the doctor, he did not seem to be interested. I don't know who to talk to.

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I am not medically qualified but think it unlikely that the op damaged your thyroid. It may be that you are undermedicated on levo.I suggest you arrange for private blood tests e.g. blue horizon 11 and post the results here ,with the ranges shown in brackets, for comment.Always ask your doc for the results of the tests .Do not be brushed off with " normal"


Hi danehurst sounds to me like you are under medicated, when did you last have bloodtest to check thyroid ? Have you got results if so post on here and people will advise you if they are optimal. If you haven't then ask for them at doctor's, it's your right to have results of bloodtest. If they don't want to give you results then quote 1998 freedom of information act to Them, that usually works, (it did for me).this will be the first step of many ,good luck.

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Congrats, you've chosen an excellent forum for your first outing!

It is an absolute crying shame but it seems many of us need to take things into our own hands and interpret our own tests and go on our own journey of self-advocacy if not self-treatment.

Because of your age it is very likely that if your doc is not well-informed re thyroid, you are likely to be on too low a dose of meds. My mum is 76 and before she found a doc who would listen her old doc was constantly reducing her dose and it made her feel awful as well as doing her no good in the cholesterol department. Do you know if your cholesterol is high? They often give you too little thyroid meds and then want you to take statins to control cholesterol, which is only high because thyroid meds are too low.

If you ring your surgery and say you would like to collect a copy of your results, when would be the best time to drop in that should get the ball rolling. You want an actual printout with lab ranges.

May I ask what your dose is at the moment?


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