coconut oil and Gloria hunniford bbc today

on food/truth and scare or what ever it is, I have been saying to people that coconut oil is the best to cook with, and rubbishing oils, because that is what we see and hear everywhere and I try to tell my sister who believes everything her doctor says when everything is NORMAL and she isn't, so I was dumbfounded when she rings to day and says-- did you see Gloria hunniford to day , coconut is NOT good to cook with, it is 95 percent saturated fat and raises cholesterol!..... oh well.

and then cooks cook with olive oil and you are not meant to heat up olive oil.

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  • bluepettals2 you can but try 😭. Send her Dr Kendrick's video. I'm trying to get father in law to see how awful statins are too, especially when the side effects are worse than what they're 'supposed' to prevent.

  • yes poor sister takes that crap s well

  • The upside of this awful hypo stuff is that it has opened my eyes to the brainwashing. No more.

  • Pass these links onto your sister :

    The above link shows that the higher the cholesterol level is the lower the rate of cardiovascular disease.

    The second link shows the same inverse relationship between saturated fat intake and cardiovascular disease - the more sat fat you eat the lower your risk of CVD.

  • Pettals,

    As today's dietary advice will almost certainly be found wrong in the future I shall stick with my tried and trusted method of dealing with it which is to ignore it. I use the fats I enjoy the taste of when cooking so I will continue using beef dripping, goose fat, lard, veg oil, nut oil, olive oil and butter all sparingly because I don't enjoy food swimming in grease.

  • agreed clutter I only use a scraping as well. rarely do I fry anyway.

  • I'm glad your sister can explain how fat causes cholesterol to rise, as doctors involved in various Heart Foundations around the world can't as illustrated in this Australian science program a few years ago -

    Note the original program wasn't put online by ABC like all the other programs they made. Draw your own conclusions...

  • she was repeating what she heard on the programm

  • Even if it were true and we worried about saturated fat and cholesterol, coconut oil is a major source of medium chain trigylerdide, which are protective and LOWER cholesterol. Most vegetable oils should not be heated as they are high in polyunsaturates - the pro-inflammatory ones high in Omega 6. Olie oil is heatable if you are careful as it is high in monunsaturates


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