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Low blood pressure and heart murmur - is this a Hashi thing?

Hello, I hope you're all feeling well.

I wanted to get the advice of the group if possible as I've had a couple of health issues that I'm not sure are linked to my thyroid? I'm diagnosed with Hashimotos and currently on 75mg levo - I started this dose 4 weeks ago after being upped from 50mg and had a TSH of nearly 8 on my last bloods.

I have felt really tired and not right at all since the dose changed, my GP was concerned so ordered more bloods before the full 6 weeks was up to make sure things were moving in the right direction. He also checked my blood pressure which is apparently very low and he listened to my heart - he has said I have a heart murmur and I'm now booked for an echocardiagram on the 14th Feb (what a romantic way to start Valentine's day!).

The results from the last lot of blood tests are back and he told me they are all "fine" and in normal range but no more detail than that and annoyingly not what my TSH level is. Although that sounds bad he is massively overworked and squeezed in a phone call to me when the receptionists told me the earliest I would hear from him was the 17th so I don't blame him. I've requested my medical records anyway so hopefully can give more detail when I receive them.

The tests included B12, gluten intolerance and cortisol. However he said that a one off cortisol test was not enough to rule out other issues with the adrenal gland and as I have Hashi's I'm at a higher risk. He's now ordered an SST (Short Synacthen Test) to double check - from what I've googled this looks like a test for Addisons Disease?

There seem to be so much cross over in systems I have no idea what to think now! Has anyone had any experience of this? Does having an underactive cause heart problems? Would I know if I had Addisons??

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It is a test for Addison's. But, that's the best he can do. What you need is a 24 hour saliva cortisol test, but the NHS doesn't do that.

Hypothyroidism can cause low blood pressure and heart problems, yes. It can also cause high blood pressure. But, I don't know about a heart murmur.

Just being 'fine' - or, in doctor words 'in range' - is not always good enough. It depends where in the range the result falls. Most people, when they are on thyroid hormone replacement, need their TSH under one, and the Frees up the top of the range. That's why we need to have copies of our blood test results, because doctors don't understand that.

I'm going to the dentist's on 14th February. So, you're not the only one that's going to have a romantic day! lol


Thanks Greygoose - I'm really hoping they can rule out Addisons. One autoimmune disease seems enough to be getting on with for now frankly!

I should be getting my full medical records shortly from the Doctors and am hoping that should shed some light on what's going on.

Good luck with the dentist!


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