Erfa Thyroid dosage - how do you take your NDT?

I have been taking 90mg of Erfa for the past month. My Endo did not advise how to take it (1 x 60mg and 1 x 30mg daily), and so I switched straight from 50mcg of Levothyroxine to the 1 and a half grains both together, first thing in the morning. After the first week I didn't feel so good, and the soles of my feet were burning hot, so I split the dose of Erfa to 60mg in the mornings and 30mg mid-afternoon. I feel much better now, I would actually say I feel "normal", although I get a bit hot and sweaty sometimes, especially at night.

I should add that I felt very under-medicated on the Levo, and in need of an increase of thyroid hormone, but my GP wouldn't give me an increase and referred me to the Endo. He agreed I should have an increase of Levo, but gave me the option of trying Erfa instead - I nearly bit his hand off! ;)

I wonder if I should try and take both Erfa tablets in the morning again, as I assume there is no Levo left in my system after a month on Erfa. It would just be more convenient.

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  • I take my ndt in a morning..Used to split doses as I used to feel knackered in the afternoon but now I'm on my optimal dose I take it all in a morning and it works fine. Like you say, it's far more convenient ☺

  • Thank you for that, NatChap.

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