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Blood tests and lump

Hi everyone, just been for some blood tests and the GP is testing my vitamin levels and for other auto-immune diseases so feel like we're getting somewhere now. Hopefully! Anyway, had them taken about an hour and a half a go and now I have a golf-sized lump where the nurse took my blood. Just wondered if anyone else has had this before? My hand is also feeling a bit weird with pins and needles. Never had it before so just wondered whether its normal or not? Thanks!

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I had that happen once but I was still at the phlebotomist's and she pressed down very hard on the lump for a few minutes until it disappeared. Probably best to pop back to your surgery and let the nurse look at it.


Ooh, I had that happen to me once.

Suddenly the lump burst and discharged blood all over a cream-coloured shirt. It wasn't until I detected the wetness I realised what had happened. And a little bit of blood goes a long way. My shirt sleeve was red from bicep to wrist. The lump disappeared though. :D


Sounds like a haemotoma. See


She probably collapsed a vein and blood has backed up. Had this happen to me but 6p sized lump only.


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