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week 3 weigh in

2lb on

was doing so well until i had a massive sugar craving that i couldnt satisy

i landed up eating a sticky toffee pavalova over a few days which would have killed my syns

now im stocked on merangeues (how ever its spelled) which are 1 syn each, allso got some colored ones that are 1 syn r 2 that i can fill

allso having hot chock with squirty cream which is only a couple of syns

i wasnt upset as i did expect it and allso had pizza sunday night of all nights

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When you've been on the mirtazapine a bit longer you should stop getting the sugar cravings, but it's not easy. Just keep trying.


I know the feeling well over the weekend i indulged with a full english, did do a slimming world curry but then had 2 large nan breads, and i am so weak willed bought a marks and spencers lemon drizzle cake and scoffed the lot. its my weigh in tonight and i expect to have put weight on its a bloody miracle if i havent.

But we are only human and can expect these pig out moments!! keep at it though thats what i intend to do

Dotti xx


don't beat yourself up too much girl , I often have that weird craving for an extra fag when ive just put one out , keep going at least you know now where you are going right and wrong --- but what is right or wrong == its only a perception of someone else == your and your families happiness is the most important thing of all ...... if you gave up everything that you enjoyed you wouldn't be a happy bunny and neither would all around you FACT .... sorry if this sounds like a bit of a rant but it isn't it just to try to keep you a bit ''chipper'' ...... always remember the saying ''' never let the b+++++ds get you down ''' do your own thing without harming anyone else --- the karma will return a thousand fold ...... alan xxx


I did weight watchers for a year and was 21/2 stone heavier at the end of it. One week I put on 7 pounds even though I-'d stuck rigidly to the points!


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