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My levothyroxin was upped from 75mg to 100 mg 6 weeks ago, I had blood tests last week (9.30am after fasting, previous levo taken at 6am previous day, none taken till after bloods) the results as follows

Serum free T4 level21.5 pmol/L12 - 22pmol/L

Serum TSH level0.02 mu/L 0.27 - 4.2mu/L

GFR calculated abbreviatd MDRD59 mL/min/1.73 m2N/A

Serum ferritin101 ug/L15 - 300ug/L

Serum vitamin B12153 ng/L 180 - 700ng/L

Serum folate5.9 ug/L4.6 - 18.7ug/L

Haemoglobin estimation141 g/L115 - 165g/L

not sure if these are relevant as well

Total white cell count4.4 10*9/L4 - 1110*9/L

Platelet count306 10*9/L150 - 45010*9/L

Red blood cell (RBC) count4.65 10*12/L3.8 - 5.810*12/L

Haematocrit0.42 L/L0.37 - .47L/L

Mean corpuscular volume (MCV)91 fL76 - 98fL

Mean corpusc. haemoglobin(MCH)30.3 pg27 - 32pg

Mean corpusc. Hb. conc. (MCHC)333 g/L300 - 360g/L

Neutrophil count1.8 10*9/L 2 - 710*9/L

Lymphocyte count1.9 10*9/L1 - 410*9/L

Monocyte count0.4 10*9/L0.2 - .810*9/L

Eosinophil count0.3 10*9/L0 - .410*9/L

Basophil count0.1 10*9/L0 - .110*9/L

I have an appointment with an endo... on Friday this week

What questions should I be asking? I feel better than I did six weeks ago, but not as well as I did 6 months ago when my dose was 125mg.

Thank you for your advice, I have learnt so much already since finding this site.

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Well, you could ask him to test your FT3, because it would be nice to know if you're converting that T4 to T3. But, apart from that, just tell him that you felt better on 125.

The fact that you did feel better on 125, suggests to me that your conversion isn't brilliant. Because, your FT4 is already at the top of the range, and another 25 mcg would push it over the top. T3 is what makes you feel good when it's at the right level, and bad when it's too low. So, if you need your FT4 over the top of the range to get your T3 to a level where you feel well, then your conversion could be better. If you see what I mean. The FT3 should always be higher than the FT4 in their respective ranges. But, you won't know that unless you test both at the same time.


Thank you greygoose


You're welcome. :)



B12153 ng/L 180 - 700ng/L

Folate 5.9 ug/L4.6 - 18.7ug/L

Please ask for these to be looked into as a matter of urgency. Your B12 is way under range and your Folate very low. Do not supplement for these until you had further advice.

Please go over to the Pernicious Anaemia Society forum here on Health Unlocked for further advice which I am sure will be to be tested for Pernicious Anaemia:

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