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Can anyone give me some insight as I am puzzled

Many moons ago I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism after many appointments. Was put on levothyroxin and still never felt well. Long story I know many have gone through this. Was told I was depressed etc etc, knew I wasn't. Put my dose up just felt worse. Came across this site gained some valuable knowledge and a knew endo, was then put on liothyronine Did feel better but rightly or wrongly was searching to feel even more normal, endo then tried me on natural thyroxine (thyroid). Again things reversed, as not due to see endo again for 2 months, decided my option was to back onto liothyronine . When I went to collect prescription , I then found out I could not longer get it. Spoke that day on the phone to endo, she told me I had to go back on levothyroxin but would try me on liquid. My GPS also won't prescribe it, endo faxed me a prescription to chemist, they didn't have it in stock, as it was now Friday evening I was left with no meds till the following week. My point or question is, for 2 days I felt pretty rubbish, it was Wednesday I received it. By this time I felt great and even better 7 days later, I have not started it yet, as I wanted blood tests done first which I have but also I want to keep this feeling as long as possible:-

My head is so clear, my eyes and vision is clear, I have my body back all puffiness gone, no pains in my hands or my muscles or bones, I can stand up and walk without hobbling for a while, hair condition improved, NO dreaded fatigue. I have been to work but then also done housework actually cooked meals visited family, conversed with people and actually felt involved in the conversation, caught up on jobs i have neglected, I feel part of life again, I have motivation , and emotions it's wonderful.

I don't understand, can anyone tell me how this is.

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I'm not sure I understand entirely, were you on thyroxine or ndt when you stopped your meds? I'm not sure what you mean by 'natural thyroxine (thyroid)'. It seems as though whatever you were taking was disagreeing w you, or is it possible you were on too high a dose?

There are a number of people here who find levo (or t4 in any guise, even ndt) doesn't agree w them and makes them feel worse than nothing at all. Unfortunately if you're hypo taking nothing isn't an option so you'll need to find an alternative. Maybe going back to liothyronine is your best bet.


I've read somewhere (probably on here) that if you stop taking thyroid hormones then your body detects this and has a huge push to convert as much remaining T4 as it can to T3. Therefore, temporarily your T3 levels rise and you feel much better, but unfortunately of course it will be short-lived.

As I say, I don't know if this is strictly true but it kind of makes sense I guess.

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Sounds as though you could have been overmedicated. I would go back to a lower dose and see how you feel on it and when stable get a retest then post your results and ranges so we can hopefully advise.

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