bpa plastics replacement are still dodgy bps


wondering if there is a shatterfree glass to freeze my home made soup in.

[ Admin note: In order to decide whether or not you wish to follow this link, the header and first paragraph are posted below. In particular, this was published towards three years ago. The article also fails to make it very clear that this does not apply to polypropylene and polyethylene products which I don't think have ever contained bisphenol.

BPA-Free Plastic Containers May Be Just as Hazardous

Animal studies find that a replacement compound for the estrogen-mimicking chemical bisphenol A may also be harmful to human health

By Jenna Bilbrey on August 11, 2014 7

In 2012 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration banned the sale of baby bottles that contain bisphenol A (BPA), a compound frequently found in plastics. The ban came after manufacturers’ responded to consumer concerns of BPA's safety after several studies found the chemical mimics estrogen and could harm brain and reproductive development in fetuses, infants and children.* Since then store shelves have been lined with BPA-free bottles for babies and adults alike. Yet, recent research reveals that a common BPA replacement, bisphenol S (BPS), may be just as harmful. ]

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  • pyrex do freezer proof containers

  • really silver fairy thatis brilliant thanks

  • And they all have plastic lids...

  • I cant find the freezer glass anyway

  • Quite easy to find:

    Link to two pages of Pyrex UK glass storage products.


  • thanks helvella I did google it but I couldn't find glass.

  • These are heatsafe and you can buy plastic or glass lids. worldkitchen.co.uk/Bake-Ser...

    We have a pyrex or pyrex-like dish w a heatsafe lid (which can be used as a separate cooking vessel) we bought from (I think) Tesco so they can be found here and there.

  • punctured bike thankyou but I need freezer safe glass I have emailed them and asked so watch thi s space

  • My mum has been using Corningware and Corelle that way for years so anecdotally at least I can confirm that they can do that. I think all glass is freezer safe but are you saying you want to heat food from frozen in the container? I believe these are all manufactured in the same way as glass lab equipment so can withstand extreme temperature change. I think that's the point of them.

    Also: ikea.com/gb/en/collections/...



  • hi punctured bike, no I just want o freeze food/soup in glassware as I didn't want the cheminals from plastic leaking out, I always tip out food or thaw first before heating.

  • Some Ball Mason jars are suitable for use in the freezer: lakeland.co.uk/71670/6-Ball...

    Jars that held Bonne Mamon conserves should also be suitable, as they don't have a neck.

  • thanks smallblue thing

  • You can just pour soup into a freezer bag (not usually made of "bad plastic") but don't forget to label thwm or you may get a surprise lunch (like a mate of mine whose lass kept putting out gravy for him instead of stew)

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