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Well 13 of NDTonly.Take 1 grain in am and 1/2 grain in pm.I did take 3/4 grain in pm one day ,but went super hyper hot pounding heart. Now taking 1 1/2 grains a day again.Taking half a 2 grain tab in am ,is this ok ? It is cheaper like this and I take half a 1 grain tab in pm.I feel really bad today hot hands and malaise,felt a bit better last night ,more calmer.I also am more windy since starting NDT.Any ideas on above issues.thankyou.

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You could try increasing dose after you've been on 1.5 grains for 2 weeks. I don't take NDT but members have said it can take a few months to successfully transition from T4 and T3.


My Functional Dr recommended monitoring temperature a few times a day using a digital thermometer that reads to 2 decimal places. I was taking 1 g in the morning then 1/2 early evening. I raised every 2 weeks by 1/4 either morn or pm until I reached 1.5 in morn and 1 in evening. My temp is now 36.5 in morn and usually reaches 36.99 in the aft. My resting pulse has gone from 58 to 66 in 8 weeks of raising which feels good. I am holding now for 4 to 6 weeks and will test this week for thyroid levels.


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