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Morning all. I was hoping someone would help explain my latest results. My endo said i would take thyroxine for the rest of my life as the thyroid never repairs itself. He said if i wanted any othe medication to find another endo as he didn't do voodoo. Latest results say no treatment needed. I'm still exhausted. Any advice much appreciated I have really tried to understand all these results but I can't get my head round them.

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you need to find another endo who does the correct tests

TSH alone is totally inadequate

in order to correctly assess thyroid function you need


free t4

free t3

thyroid antibodies




vit d3

all work in tandem and all must be optimum not just in range

when your thyroid fails or is under auto immune attack you become Hypothyroid and need to take thyroid medication for life


What a very silly man - probably thinks he's being clever, making remarks about voodoo. Pft.

Sorry, but you've cut off the ranges, and - apart from the TSH - the numbers mean nothing without the ranges. Your TSH is too high, of course, but as RFU says, you do need to know the other results, too.

TSH - Thyroid Stimulating Hormone, produced by the pituitary - rises when the thyroid gland is unable to make enough hormone to keep you well.

The other tests are just routine tests to check that other things are ticking along ok. TSH is the only one you have that directly relates to thyroid status.

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So if my tsh is too high shall I start taking thyroxine again as my gp said I no longer need to take it as my thyroid has repaired itself


Thyroids don't repair themselves. You will need thyroxine for life. If your TSH came down, it was because you were taking thyroxine, not because the thyroid had repaired itself. Another silly man!

Yes, do start taking it again, or you will feel worse and worse and worse. You cannot live without thyroid hormones.

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Sorry to hear you're not well. Some questions:

1) Are these test results from when you were taking levo? And if so how much and for how long before the blood draw?

2) Are you saying the doctor has taken you off the levo now? Were you given a reason?

3) Have you ever had antibodies tested? It will say TPO Ab or TG Ab on the results.

I think there are too many unanswered questions to know what is going on based on your tsh results alone. You can sometimes have abnormal thyroid results temporarily if you've had some other sort of illness (euthyroid sick syndrome) but that would usually involve taking a second blood sample a few months after the first, when the thyroid results would be seen to have returned to normal. You'd need to know if you have thyroid antibodies or not, and in any case this tsh is on the high side whether or not you're on treatment, so this doesn't quite fit the model above. And on reflection if your endo has said you need levo it seems like your antibodies may have been tested earlier - ? Do you have older test results?

You also need your doctors to be communicating as you can't have one saying you need to be on meds forever and the other saying you no longer need meds. I suggest you tell the endo what the gp believes and perhaps your gp will receive a sternly-worded letter to the contrary.


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