some of the things listed go into vaccines and what is not listed you wont know about

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What Goes Into a Vaccine?

Aside from antigens, ingredient components of a vaccine include adjuvants, added to enhance the immune system response; antibiotics, to prevent contamination during the manufacturing process; and preservatives and stabilizers.

These additional ingredients are often a source of concern for wary parents and patients. Below is a list of common ingredients in many vaccines, along with information on their purpose and safety. ]

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  • Not enough honesty in the medical profession these days. We may be getting things that are alright from one source, but if from another source, but are the same named excipient from another, cheaper source then this can cause problems. The same thing can happen in generic medication. Thanks for posting bluepettals2. This site will not let me leave you a private message. I have tried 3 times.

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  • When I initially read/heard of some of the stuff that's put in vaccines, I thought this must be some mistake? Maybe it's a report from a delusional fruitcake, nutcase, conspiracy theorist? This, surely, cannot be happening? And then I watched interviews and documentaries of some highly qualified scientists and medics, and viewed some documents, which revealed and confirmed what had previously been kept hidden and concealed from us. It is actual, factual NEWS that we were neither given nor received from the very mediocre mainstream outlets who now cry "fake news" to stop us from getting the REAL NEWS from other outlets.

    I never thought that one day I'd hear/read that cows were fed the corpses of other cows, and that people would get sick - severely and fatally. Which moron thought up the idea of feeding dead cows to cows? And which moron thought up the idea of injecting mercury, aluminium, formaldehyde, and other toxic materials into us? And yet it happens.

    The next time some disease-related news is smeared by Big Pharma and Gov agencies as being just a bunch of nonsense from fruitcakes, nutters and conspiracy theorists, remember this - the smear is an attempt to shift our attention from this "Assault and Battery" (as described by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.), to shift our attention back to watching the Kardashians and other trivia, and to stifle and prevent any attempt to hold diverse and challenging debates in the 21st Century.


  • My daughter has been ill since receiving her HPV vaccine last January she has developed hashimotos and a long list of other conditions including POTS has not been able to go to school since September and she is only one of tens of thousands around the world who have developed an autoimmune reaction,paralysis ,and worse over 200 kids have died some as soon as they received it ,I don't care who thinks I'm nuts I know how healthy and fit she was until she received this jab I am attending a meeting tomorrow for all the families affected by this in Scotland I'm sure there'll. e lots more in the news over the coming months

  • mb2003 I am so sorry for you, I did delete the first post that I put here on vaccines, but I was persuaded to repost it and iam glad I did, we do not know half of what goes into thee vaccines and while we DO need them as antidotes for various diseases, we shoul dbe having safe vaccines, which is what putin and trump are aiming for and R. kennedy, this is not a political post.

  • Pettal, I now wonder how many of us experienced a decline in health following various vaccines. We are all individual and affected to different degrees by different things. Some of us experience an immediate reaction, whilst others experience deterioration months or years later.

    I have listened to several scientists and medics on this matter, seen different published documents, and heard the environmental activist and lawyer Robert F. Kennedy Jr. but above all, I've listened to people's own stories, which should not dismissed. Judges have awarded vaccine damage payments, and photographs and videos are available online of the 'before and after' pictures of the individuals.

    In 2010 a court awarded a U.K. mother for vaccine injury to her child. It is very sad that after watching her previously healthy son being disabled, she then had an 18 yr fight ahead of her. (The Hillsborough QC Michael Mansfield fought for over 25 yrs to get some truth for the Hillsborough victims and families). 😕

  • MB2003,

    Yes, the HPV vaccine has been said to potentially cause side effects in some individuals; I think it was mentioned in the DVD series Vaccines Revealed. It's worth buying and sharing with your vaccine support group. I also recommend the film Trace Amounts.

    I'm sorry to hear of the negative effects on your daughter. It's a shame her/your doctor never informed her/you of the potential risks before she had the vaccine.

    Here's a link to the Vaccine Damage Payment page.

    You may find some helpful info/links on my vaccine blog.

    It's important to have a support group where you can share info and provide moral support and encouragement.

    Good luck. 🖖🏻

  • Thank you I have watched a few videos about it from both injured girls down to the scientists involved in developing this vaccine it's shocking thanks for the links I'll take a look xx

  • I heard last year that the so-called hypo-allergenic flu jab was partly made from caterpillars. So where would that leave any vegetarain with allergies who actually wanted a flu jab? Not as bad as mercury etc, but still ...

  • OMG angel where did you hear that I keep telling my sister she is ill and her partner both have chest infections after that flue jab but she is so scared not to have it as doctor said so! that is because she is asthmatic an d lives a very very stressful life

  • It was first reported in about 2007. Supposed to be less allergenic than growing it in eggs. Don't know if that is the one used in the UK. It involves injecting flu genes into an insect virus and growing it in caterpillar cells. Apparently these is also one grown in dog kidneys.

  • how lovely Is that


    vaccine damage dr ben lynch

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