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Sorry more advice on self treatment what to do next etc?


Firstly I'd like to say thanks for all the help and support I've received on this forum to date, it's truly been enlightening and convinced me that I don't need to just "put up" with my symptoms.

I have to return to the hospital in a few weeks to see the delightful nurse I saw last time who as I'm sure will give me my "normal" blood test results and discharge me. I am actually in a way looking forward to this as I'm going to be challenging/questioning her on a few things now I feed a bit more knowledgeable thanks to all of you!

However I am still expecting to be discharged which then leaves me with what to do next.

I have a list of Endo's/Dr's from Louise which I've been looking at but again there's no guarantees they will treat me all the time my levels are in range even if they are on the very edge of it.

I think I would love to go and see Dr Peatfield but from what I've heard he's been quite poorly and I'm not sure if he's still working, if anyone knows if he is and could let me know that would be great.

My other option is to go back to my own GP who like me thinks I have sub clinical hypothyroidism and ask her to point me in the right direction. I know she is restricted by NHS guidelines and can't treat me herself but she might be able to tell me what to do next or may know a good private/functional doctor who I can see.

The final option is to self treat. Now this is obviously something I have no idea about and no idea where you can buy treatment from. I've seen something called Nutri Thyroid advertised but I'm not sure if this is the type of treatment people are referring to.

I realise that you can't tell me to self treat or what dosage I need etc but if anyone can help with any of these questions I'd be grateful.

Many Thanks

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Post your bloods in a new thread and people will advise.

If you have positive antibodies, your GP can treat you even if your TSH hasn't reached some magic number.


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