Please can you help with explaining results

Please can you help with explaining results

Hi. Few years ago i was told I've gone into premature menopause (37 years old then). So my endometriosis symptoms eased off. But past 8 weeks they are back with a vengeance so doc checked my bloods again and this is what they are. Clearly my ovaries awake again. I have a feeling my thyroid is underactive.

Can anyone please tell me what my blood results mean? Thank you.

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  • Sorry not able to help with the above results. Do you have any thyroid test results with ranges you could share with us here ?

  • The only thing I can tell you is what you can see for yourself. One of your oestrogens (there are 3 that are often tested) is in the normal range for the middle of your menstrual cycle, but your follicular stimulating hormone is in the normal range for either the first or the last part of the cycle, not the middle. This suggests that you are not menopausal (but if you were older, one low test wouldn't be enough to be sure). If you are on the pill, you can't rely on an FSH test AFAIK. Usually they do an LH test as well. Look the tests up on Low FSH can mean a pituitary problem, but you'd usually have low oestrogen and LH as well (and you don't have low oestrogen).

  • Thank you

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