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Autoimmune revolution day 3 posting again as some great info

Today's speakers all specialize in two critical categories: physical fitness and laboratory analysis. Tune in to learn which lab tests are critical to conquering autoimmunity.

Each day's talks can be found at this link:

No Grain No Pain

Andrea Gruszecki, ND

Neuroinflammation: Conquering Autoimmunity Without Guessing

Labs needed to create your health blueprint

Gut-brain connection to chronic inflammation

The neurological link to chronic pain

Mark Sisson

Exercise, Diet and Chronic Autoimmune Pain

Foods to eliminate and overcome pain

Connection between diet and exercise injuries

Making exercise fun again!

Aristo Vojdani, PhD, MSc, CLS

Using Lab Tests to Identify and Predict Autoimmune Diseases

What are autoimmune diseases?

3 main triggers for autoimmune diseases

Labs that help detect and predict autoimmunity

Dan Ritchie, PhD

Physical Activity: A Necessity for Autoimmune Recovery

Impact of exercise on healthy immune function

Breakthroughs for those with exercise intolerance

Building muscle to overcome autoimmunity

Jesse Cannone, PT

Overcoming the Physical Pain of Autoimmunity

Debunking the "pain caused by aging" myth!

5 most dangerous pain medications

Why you should practice "unbalanced exercise

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