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Best time to take Armour

Hi, I am currently on 3 grains of Armour and have been taking them between midnight and 2am as I found it easier with my shift work and eating etc. But have been reading that some people take it twice a day - and is wrong to take it at night ?

Also Armour is very expensive what is the closest alternative to it? Can we get it from Europe ?

Any help gratefully appreciated

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Some people split NDT dose but others take it as one daily dose. Splitting evens out delivery of T3. Thyroid hormone is highest around midnight to 3am so you are probably taking NDT at a time which best mimics natural thyroid levels.

There are cheaper brands of NDT from America and Canada and cheapest of all is the Thai NDT Thyroid-S and Thiroyd. I'm not aware of any European sources of NDT.

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Some people do take it twice a day but it's not for everyone - that means remembering twice! I take my 3 grains once a day at between 5-6am depending on when I wake up but I have thought about taking it just before bed. Really doesn't matter.

Nature Throid is cheaper but mine comes from the States (I'm in the U.K.) not Europe so I usually end up paying tax and customs duty.

Cheaper still is Thai NDT but I've never tried that - others will PM you if you ask.


Kazza, if you cant tolerate it all in one dose at night, keep it at that. If you split the dose during the day, like I do, you have to think about when to eat food and take supplements. It becomes quite complicated.


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