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Unsettling sensation, looking for someone to come up with an answer

For a few months now I have been having a sort of 'beat' in my oesophogus (just above my breast), within an hour or so after eating a meal. It can sometimes encourage me to belch or cough. ( I have seen an acupuncturist who says it's the 'vagus nerve'.) However it's still with me. It can sometimes give me a flighty feeling in the chest when sitting still in the evenings.

Has anyone any ideas or had something similar? I'd really appreciate your help ?

By the way my heart is beating quite regularly when this happens.

Thank you so much !

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Do you get any reflux or heart burn


Thanks for replying sobajoe, - I have never had heartburn but maybe some reflux after an evening meal . But it's more like an extra heart beat (after every meal), that seems to encourage the belching or sometimes a cough. If that makes sense ?

I do also take ACV before my meal as well.


I kind of had something similar , eventually found out I had a small hiatus hernia , courtesy of hypo and weak stomach muscles. Once no longer hypo and had more stomach acid the hernia allowed the acid to seep up into the diaphragm - used to feel like a little fountain . Now I take ant acids and it's slowly getting better.


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