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Possible thyroid problem/lump.. whats next? (picture on post)

Possible thyroid problem/lump.. whats next? (picture on post)

Hi im sure youve had hundreds of these threads on here with people woth a possible thryoid problem. Im new to this forum but just abit unsure of what to expect next and if im over worrying...

Im 26, male and the last few months have been loosing weight. I recently passed my driving test so thought i would wait to see if i gain any weight now im driving and hardly ever walking but ive lost alot more especially over xmas (when i usually gain) and im eating more than normal trying to gain. Ive got terrible fatigue which has got alot worse sonce the new year, and when i say bad i mean im tired 24/7. I wake up most nights in a sweat where my whole body is drenched (but soon fall back to sleep). After i eat or lay in bed i have alot of bowel movements and strange noises from my stomach but i go to the toilet regulary (this hasnt changed). Im also cold all the time but hey its winter so i guess that could be the cause of that!

So after months of putting these symptoms to the back of my mind and not linking them togethor, my mum noticed a lump on my next (im guessing where the thyroid is) so i have an appointment with my GP on Friday. Im 26 but my mums going to come with me as this doctor can sometimes fob people off so i will feel more comfortable with someone there to get some results and tests.

Im abit silly for putting these symptoms off for so long but i never want to waste doctors time etc and hope things will pass, but i now know something isnt right 100% with in myself.

Ive also had some of the other symptons (i think) like eye irration, slight rash what flares up on hands, irregular heart beat now and then.

So i would just like to ask whats next? What will my GP do and any advice if he trys to tell me to come back if the small lump changes... or if he tells me to keep a food journal :/

Thank you, and sorry to post this as im sure its proberlly nothing just a little unsure!

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Ideally, your GP will palpate your neck and throat to feel the lump and refer you for an ultrasound scan to see whether it is a thyroid nodule or goitre. Your symptoms indicate over active thyroid so your GP should do a thyroid function test to check thyroid levels. Results should be available 48-72 hours after your blood test. Ask the GP receptionist for a printout of your results and ranges and post them in a new question for advice.

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