Thyroid disease on tv - Trust me I'm a doctor

Thyroid disease on tv - Trust me I'm a doctor

Metabolism is the subject that Dr Michael Mosley will be presenting where he will cover thyroid disease. This is on Trust me I'm a doctor on BBC2 on Wednesday 8th February at 8pm.

I gathered 8 of us who were filmed in Walsall in December. We are each holding a sign with a hypothyroid symptom on. We got to choose which symptoms. We also took the empty pots and wrappers of our thyroid medications for them to take a photo, we have almost every type.

A lady (who may be a member on here??) is interviewed about her hypothyroidism and then Dr Anthony Toft is interviewed.

I have asked them to put Thyroid UK details on their website and the Midlands support group which I run.

I am always pleased to see programmes about thyroid disease as it reaches out to the people who don't go online.

The Researcher chatted with us as she is hypothyroid and has been wanting it to be covered on the programme for some time. Sadly not everything can be covered but hopefully the message will get across of the difficulties being diagnosed and treated. Also the horrible experiences of hyperthyroidism.

So, let's hope that they have done a good job of piecing it all together.


Midlands UK thyroid support group

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  • Let's hope the editing is fair and not manipulated to coincide with prevailing treatment guidelines.

    Great the topic is being covered and yes I will be watching.

    Thank you for posting 😊

  • My thoughts too, Marz. Given that he ended up sitting on the fence about statins...

    Oh well, we can but hope - but he's no Malcolm Kendrick.

  • You are right - I too saw that programme and could sense his hands were tied ....

  • Yes.... Great to have time on TV ,but fingers crossed we don't get the one size fits all approach and that the need for T3 by many is not completely dismissed....had my hospital thyroid clinic check up this week and my next visit had to be extended to 5 months as they were so heavily booked .What is that saying?........will they acknowledge how much this condition is on the increase and ask why?................will be watching too x

  • I wanted to add another photo but cannot see how??

  • Unfortuntely you can only put one photo on a post. But you could write another "Part 2" post and put the photo on that one. :)

  • I wrote to Dr Mosley last year,asking him to do a programme,but only had an automatic response from the official agent who is his contact point.

    Thanks for posting

  • I wouldn't have agreed for the 8 of us to lose a Sunday afternoon in Walsall if I hadn't thought that they will be covering some of our problems. This is the 2nd time for me as I was on This Morning for 9 minutes hardly able to get a word in back in 2011.

  • I remember seeing you on that programme a few years ago Suze. Is it still available to watch somewhere on the internet? There must be lots of people here who would have missed it at the time.

    Look forward to seeing how Mosley and Toft handle this on the 8th. Well done for getting involved, and fingers crossed that it hasn't been manipulated to 'tow the party line' with regards to the treatment options (or lack of).

  • I think that Dr Toft will still keep to the guidelines of the BTA.

    We need a Dr Kendrick and it's a pity Dr Skinner isn't still around. Hopefully some new doctors with empathy will take up our cause i.e. to bring hypothyroid people back to good health by treating the patient and not the blood test.

  • I remember seeing you on that programme with Dr Chris Steel Chippysue. Thank you, once again, for bringing Thyroid problems out into the open.

  • I know - sorry, I should have realised how negative I sounded there (one of those pesky hypothyroid symptoms, LOL).

    Thank you for doing that for us all. Really hope it comes over well xx

  • Thanks for posting,

    I will be watching.

  • You did brilliantly. Must have been tough with Eamon and his wife talking all over each other and interrupting Dr Chris - and you!

    Wonder if Holly and Phil would have made a better fist of it...

  • Thanks much for posting! Good interview!

    Looking forward to seeing more of these! I agree on the comment about this forum:)

  • Well done! Not sure I could have done that - you looked so calm and got all the points across, where I would have jibbered!

    Dr Mosley did a programme about blood not long ago, and used his blood to make a black pudding, using my recipe for proper black pudding, but cutting everything by 95% as my normal recipe used 6 pints of pig blood! I kept getting the giggles, but it worked in the end!

  • Rescue remedy and wanting to help others, wish I could have said much more!

  • well done you, it needs to get public attention and hopefully drs will start to listen xx

  • Anything that makes "normal" people (and doctors??) realise that thyroid disease is not a simple problem has to be good. I really hope they do it justice. Well done to all those who made the effort to get involved.

  • Suze, Thanks for your hard work in publishing the dire straits of many hypothyroid patients.

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