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Can we get to 500 signatures? please spread the word of our petition. Many thanks for your continued support.

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I've signed. Only need 50 or so to reach 500!

Thank you Ndobins we've passed the 450 mark now so hopefully we will get another 50 soon. X Moyra

The campaign needs to press the point that the uk is being overcharged for T3... it is not so much cost cutting as utterly useless buying.

Hi Aspmama thank you for supporting the petition the issues of the UK being overcharged is being looked into by our MP there are several things going on behind the scenes and we hope that all this activity ends with a satisfactory result x Moyra

I see it's Cumbrian based... is anyone there looking into, or aware of the possibility that a surge in hypthyroidism in middle aged women there may link to the Windscale nuclear spill in 1957? They threw milk away, but not in a big enough radius, we now know that the winds were blowing it much further than realised, and though cancers did not result, evidence from Chernobyl shows that children and teenagers carry high levels of antibodies which could result in Hashis developing later in life.

I was a milk drinking child in Carlisle when it blew.

This was looked into but the big boys from Sellafield wanted to keep it quiet they even told our group that they would pay for us to do a study but any evidence we found could not be linked to a group we decided not to take up their offer.we have done our own research and I am sure there is a link but can't prove it

Fascinating. Very difficult research to do of course, expensive.

I didn't realise they stopped it! I have had to buy online/ privately and changed doctor who told me that it wasn't licensed over here and I thought he was lying 🤥 (obviously, I've signed)

Thank you for your support hellybaybee.Some CCG's are still providing T3 but many are not so part of the petition is about the unfairness of the situation.Our MP is also looking into why the NHS are being charged so much for T3 x Moyra

Oh! I see... thanks for the feedback 😁

Do I need to be in the UK to sign it? I'm in Germany but I'd really like to support you guys.

Yes please does not matter where you live the more we get to sign the better it will be .can you please share the petition with your friends as this will raise the number of people signing Many thanks Moyra

Yes I will

Thank you dang

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