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best b complex and b12 please

I want t o get some for sister a s i am sure she Is lacking it, huge belly skinny legs, thin hair, very very angry always on a short fuse and a nervous wreck, has a lot of bog pharm pills and also a hernia, reflux, short of breathe uses. puffers,

she also lacks vit d, and Bs, so what is the next best vit c,not altrient, she will gag on that and what should b12 blood vessels levels be thanks.

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Because my absorption of minerals is bad , I got b12 and separately b complex, both are liquid methyl form , and drops are absorbed under tongue.

Good luck to you both,

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I have a really good nutritionist, she could be a doctor realy she told me to get b minus and active b12plus folate from seeking helth I have gene prob on mthf.


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