Severe feet pain & numbness in hands Daily!!

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Although my new blood results yesterday showed B12 700 (reduce supplement if over 725 pmol/Lb) I am concerned this may be a false reading, as I have been taking Jarrows 5000 B12 for ten weeks .... and would have thought the result would have been much higher? I only recently stopped PPI for 30 years (eek).3 weeks ago. Could anyone please comment. Thank you very much in advance. Jane xx

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  • Dreamer12, will probably give better advice about the possibility of functional B12 deficiency.

  • Clutter, think you meant to post this link :)

    Dreamer12 - suggest you join for more advice on B12 - would help if you posted and detailed what symptoms you have relating to B12 and details of any blood tests (including folate levels and Full blood count if available)

    the amount of B12 you are taking orally is really high - there is a limit to how much B12 the body can process so a lot of it may have ended up being filtered out into your kidneys - and people vary a lot in how much B12 they actually need in their blood so it's symptoms rather than test scores that count - though symptoms overlap with thyroid and a number of other conditions so that can be problematic where there are other conditions going on at the same time.

    Possible that you may have an absorption problem anyway so might not just have been the PPIs that caused a B12 problem if you had one.

  • Thanks, Gambit62.

    Yes, I did mean to post the PASoc link.

  • Hi there Gambit62

    Thanks very much for your post. To post on the PA site do I sign in with a different name than the one on this site? X

  • No - you just choose to follow that forum/community.

    Click on the link - then click on the little box [ + Follow ]

  • Thanks helluva!! 😀😀

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