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Do my thyroid levels look normal?

Over the past 18 months I have been on block and replace treatment for my Graves Diseases/Hyperthyroidism. For the last 7 months of treatment, my levels where within good range so I opted to stop all treatment 4 weeks ago to see how I do. I was taking:

Carbimazole 40mg

Levothyroxine 75mg (upped to 100mg for the last month)

It has now been 4 weeks since I last took my meds and I am going to see my endo on Thursday for a review. I had my blood test last Thursday and have received my results this afternoon:

TSH 0.7 (Range: 0.35 - 5.5)

T3 5.3 (3.5 - 6.5)

T4 14 (9 - 23)

I have had the odd feeling of anxiety since stopping but I'm not sure whether that's just been me adjusting to being "normal" again.

Thanks :)

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When I stopped my block and replace my results were

TSH - 0.56 (0.35-5.5). FT4 - 17.4 (10 -19.8) - like you I was taking 75/100 on alternate days although I was really mostly taking 100 - there was a bit of a blip where I was missed out and wasn't actually signed off for eleven months! By that time my results were TSH. 1.5 (0.35-5.5) FT4 15.4. (10.00-19.8)

I have to say I felt better with the lower TSH but the NHS doesn't go in fir 'fine tuning' so my TSH was allowed to rise.

I remember it took a while for my body to feel normal again. Probably because I had been so hyper for so long my body had no idea what normal was. My TSH is still around the same.

I went totally gluten free over a year ago because I developed yet another autoimmune condition and I'd read that being gf could help reduce antibodies which it had done so I regularly do Blue Horizon fingerprick tests and I see that my TSH had pretty much remained the same since I went into remission about four years ago and also my body gradually started to feel 'normal'.

I'm definitely no expert but in my case it took a while for my body to realise what 'normal' was.

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