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My Head Is Spinning!

Since logging onto this forum my head is spinning at 100 mph as to how complex thyroid disease is. I knew somewhat medically about it but treatment options and complications has opened up a whole new chapter. This forum is very helpful indeed, but I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed by all the variables especially as my medical practice are stubborn and of little help. My husband has private health insurance through work and even they won't offer me Endo. assessments unless my GP recommends it, plus the nearest private Endo. listed with the H.Insu near to me is 100 miles away. I asked the GP re NDT and he flipped out like I was asking him to act as a witch docter. I apologize for my gripes, I am totally overwhelmed with info, research (some contradictory) and lack of medical support. In conclusion, I totally regret where I live, I feel medically I am in the wilderness, it's a real pain we live where we do due to my husband's work. It's reassuring though that I am not alone in this fight for health. Thanks everyone for all the advice and support this forum has given me thus far :)

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Take your time reading the information and improving your knowledge. There's no need to overwhelm yourself.

NDT isn't licensed for use in the UK so it is rarely prescribed on the NHS. Some doctors will not know what dessicated thyroid extract is or understand the acronym NDT as they will have been trained to administer Levothyroxine.

If you took NDT previously and prefer it to Levothyroxine it is available online without prescription. Write a post asking members to PM you feedback if you want to buy online and self medicate.


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