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levo fatigue and caffeine

i feel i m gonna post all of my concerns on this site:)

so the last few days i feel fatigue and headaches.i have been taing 100 levo for 21 days after tt. are those levo effects?

Also i wait 1 and a half hour before i drink my coffee(one cup full of milk and one full nescafe)some days i have 3 cups of coffee and chamomile tea.

could those affect levothyroxine absorption?

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As you are leaving an hour or more between taking Levothyroxine and drinking coffee there shouldn't be an absorption issue.

I think the symptoms are hypothyroid symptoms rather than Levothyroxine adverse effects. It takes It takes 7-10 days for Levothyroxine to be absorbed before it starts working and it will take up to six weeks to feel the full impact of the dose. Dose may need adjustment after 6-8 weeks which is why you should have a follow up thyroid test then. Arrange an early morning and fasting (water only) blood draw when TSH is highest, and take Levothyroxine after your blood draw.


Have you been told when to get your next thyroid function testing?

What after-care arrangements were made by your surgeon, your endocrinologist, and your GP?


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