Blue Horizen Blood Tests

I apologise for writing a number of posts, I am new to this forum and have a lot of questions regarding hypo management. After reading other posts, I have looked into what Blue Horizen blood tests are. How do people know what tests to take, they are awfully costly? I don't know if I've been tested for T3 as well as T4. Any thoughts would be gratefully receieved :)

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  • Ask your surgery for a print out of anything already tested so you know what has been done.

    Here is the list of Blue Horizon's thyroid tests:

    Scroll down and the price is under each one.

    We all need to know the following




    TPO antibodies

    TG antibodies

    Vit D




    If you've already had both antibodies tested and they were positive for autoimmune thyroid disease then you don't need to test them again.

    If you've recently had all those vitamins and minerals tested then post the results for comment.

    If you haven't had everything tested that is the best test and very good value.

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