Not understanding BT


Whilst on holiday recently in Florida I had blood tests done, I am struggling to make sense of them, I wonder if anyone can "translate" them fir me?

Free T3 - 2.6

T3 reverse- 21.0





Vitamin D-25


Thyroid Peroxidase antibodies-<1

Thyroglobulin antibodies-<1

I can't see anything for T4

I currently take Levothyroxine 125mcg daily

I also have been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue for the past 18years

Thanks for any help

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  • Ninapark,

    You'll have to add the reference ranges (the figures in brackets after the results) if you want someone to interpret the results.

  • Sorry

    T3 free 2.6 (4-4.5)

    T3reverse 21,(8-25)

    FSH 13 ( follicular phase? 2.5-10.2) sorry I don't have a record next to FSH I found the bracketed numbers further in the document

    TSH 0.50 (again not sure of this ref range 0.40-4.50)

    Progesterone 0.6 (5-15)

    Cortisol 7.0 (>18)

    Vitamin D 25 (70-90)

    Pregnenolone<5 (>100)

    I don't know if anyone can understand the above, apologies for pissible inaccuracies with the ranges not very clear in the paperwork

  • seems clear to me that you simply are not converting the levothyroxine into t3

    your low TSH is irrelevant since your on thyroid replacement

    have ferritin



    vit d3

    been tested ever in the UK because they MUST ALWAYS BE AT LEAST HALFWAY IN THEIR RANGES otherwise your body simply cannot convert levo t4 into the t3 every cell in your body needs tofunction and is screaming for

    Clearly you have never been correctly treated because CFS is a nonsense label slapped on bcos doctors are too lazy to understand hypothyroid

  • Not sure but will check with Dr.BTs are done but don't know all/ which have been done in the past

    Thanks for your info

  • Ferritin was on the list of US bloods just found it, it was 92 (range 10-154)

  • No FT4? Without that, it's difficult to see if you're converting or not. But, your FT3 is very low. I would suspect a pituitary problem - secondary hypo - because your TSH is also very low.

    You didn't actually give the result of the vit d test. Vit D-25 is the name of the test, not the result.

  • Sorry Vitamin D was 19, but I had been taking Vitamin D for about 4-6 weeks prior to having these BTs

  • Vit D needs to be around 60 ng/L. I would suggest a dose of around 4500 Iu's daily. How much are you taking ?

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