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TC and Tracheostomies - 'Normal Life'?


I was wondering if any others who have Thyroid Cancer has had a permanent Tracheostomy?

What can and can't we do.. Obviously deep sea diving is out of the question, swimming etc.. (I often try and drown myself when trying to shower!) but how about things like Spas. Steam rooms, saunas etc? I used to love relaxing in a steam room but now I wonder if I can do things like that still?? Then I started what else can/can't I do??

Also how about Gyms/exercising?? Any tips?

Any advise? I want to live as normal life as possible..


xOsx (Still young(ish) and stuck with a Trach!)

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I am sorry you have additional problems and I cannot answer your question but someone will be along who can probably give you the info you require.


Welcome to the forum, xOsnailx.

I'm sorry that you are left with a permanent tracheotomy. I'm not aware that other members have had permanent tracheotomies so I'm not sure you'll get any useful advice here. There are 11 posts discussing tracheotomy in and you can see that there are 122 posts in other communities which may be helpful.


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