A2 Milk

Has anyone switched to a2 milk and found it to relieve hypothyroid symptoms?

I'm thinking of trying it before going off cows milk completely. Some diet articles recommend it.

I get a lot of sinus and runny nose issues, belly cramps and bloating. Difficulty getting back to my optimal weight I had for years pre thyroid, headaches and lack of energy at times.

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  • Twinmommy,

    Giving up cow's milk might improve the sinus, cramps and bloating symptoms but it won't improve hypothyroid symptoms. Optimal replacement dose is the only thing which will improve hypothyroid symptoms.

  • I use it and recommend trying it, it tastes nice and is easier to digest than regular milk. You can buy it in Waitrose and Sainsbury's.

  • Thanks, I will get some. I am really hoping as I find the dairy free alrernatives pretty awful.

  • Being Vegan & dairy free made no difference to my sinus issues or post nasal drip. It seems to work for some people, so you can only try. I feel better for going back to organic dairy.

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