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post thyroidectomy under the skin hardening/ adhesion

Has anyone out there experienced any type of skin hardening under the thyroidectomy scar?

I asked a friend of mine who is in medical school and she told me this was due to collagen formation and the best thing to deal with it was to massage the area in order to soften the skin. I did some research and if I didn't get things wrong, I guess I have an adhesion and it can either take a long time to go away or will not completely disappear and in order to soften the skin I would have to massage it in such a way as to break down the hardened collagen fibres.

I had the total thyroidectomy performed 3 weeks ago and the scar doesn't look ugly at all but I'm concerned about this because it limits my neck mobility (It hurts when I try to bend back the neck) and is awful to touch - it seems that I have a rubbery chip under the skin. have you dealt with that?

Is it better to move the neck more or is it just the opposite?

How long did it take to get rid of the skin hardening?

Did you use any kind of product to improve skin elasticity?

Do you any any other advice?

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I would contact your thyroid surgeon and ask for the scar to be examined.


Thank you for the advice Clutter!

It may be the better option, I'll talk about it to him at the post surgery appointment - the downside is that I'll have to wait until mid April because the national health service here in Portugal doesn't consider thyroid issues (and the likelihood of papillary carcinoma through the fine needle aspiration biopsy) to be that surgeon said that to me, that I could wait and that he has far more important things to deal with. That said I only expect he will be equally uninterested in this issue...


Use some Bio Oil on the scar, it can take a while for it to settle down, still very early days.


Thank you for the advice bantam12!


If you google it you will see it's normal in the early weeks to feel a hard ridge where the scar is, it the tissues knitting together, over time it will smooth out, Bio Oil and gentle massage are recommended. I have had neck surgery twice, thyroid and parathyroid and each time the incision has felt like a hard ridge but now apart from the visible fine line it's perfectly normal. Just take it easy while your neck is healing.

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Ok, now I feel more relieved. Because aesthetically the scar looks perfectly fine, I was more concerned about the possibility of the hard ridge not going away and not being able to bend back the neck painlessly like I did before. I'll keep massaging and I already have the Bio Oil at home so i'll give it a try on the scar.

Thank you!


Hi candidabrites,

Read my posts and you'll see my scar and my experience. I have been thyroidless for the past 2 months.

Good luck


Thank you, I'll read it all. I already read the first one, it's great that it was a benign nodule!

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