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lymies and thyroidies if you cant get well

anyone with thyroid who cant get well no matter what , it is possible you may have lyme because lyme can CAUSE thyroid problems, anyway after taking so many herbal tablets capsules, I have days when i cant put another capsule in my mouth I just gag,

the more I read the more I find out, it can lay dormant for years, until something stressful activates it, it is a true bastard. I think I got it from a rabbit that lived In filth in a neighbors garden, he never cleaned it out so I did, it was hot weather, it had

blowflies round it, disgusting conditions, it scratched me and broke skin and shortly after I came up with a swollen face an d then got so very very ill, each time I

mention rabbit I am not listened to I have had 7 years of hell. anyway if it isn't lyme it is a zoonosis of something!- but after watching Dr Axe on essential oils which I

always thought, yeah well, what can oils really do, I discovered just how powerful and natural they are, i am hung up on oils now, and watching Greg LEE American Chinese doc, on TWO FROGSHEALING CENTRE summit on Essential oils for lyme

and co infections, I am going to go down the oils route, so much of, -- you cant take internally, but greg and dr axe and organic lifestyle and Dr Kurt Schnaubelt an aromatherapy chemist has said, pure refined organic oils CAN be used internally as

long as precaution and help is taken and used, so I shall be very very careful and also rub them in a carrier oil on soles of feet and get a diffuser.i will not be beaten. I want to know has anyone used oils internally?

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Do keep us updated pettals.

I have some essential oils sitting in my cupboard, was going to make cleaning products with them. A continual lack of energy is stopping me from so much.

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you have to make sure that if you take internally they are safe refined organic and pure youmust not take internally these

anise basil fennel hyssop pine cypress arborvitae birch cedarwood eucalyptus white fir wintergreen use with difussuer. listen to dr axe oils or greg lee lyme and essential oils. I am really into these oils now they are powerful.


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