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hospital app

follow on from last post asking what questions i should ask my endo. i dont want to waffle.

ft 4 11.78 12-22

crp 22.00 <5.0

ferritin 190.5 20 -150

tsh 0.99 0.27 - 420

t4 total 49.8 64.5 -142.0

free t3 3.37 3.1 - 6.8

anti thyroidperoxidase abs 8.2 <34

anti-thyroiglobun abs 18.1 <115

vit b12 609 deficient <140 insufficient 140 - 250

serum folate 19.74 8.83 60.8

vit d fine

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First of all I would tell him how I feel and if I have disabling symptoms. (I don't think they take notice of them but we definitely do) I would say, "on looking at my blood test results, I see that the FT4 is below range when it should be towards the top. I think this would also mean that my Free T3 will be low and as it is T3 that drives metabolism, I think an increase is due (if you're on levothyroxine alone) or some T3 added as that must be very low indeed if FT4 is so low"


Loook at FT4 and FT3 in the above link and why we need to know FT3.


Do you take any thyroid meds, if so what?

If you are taking no thyroid meds I would say that surely such a very low total T4 indicates that you need thyroid replacement.

Also, a normal or low TSH level usually excludes primary hypothyroidism. However, secondary (pituitary) hypothyroidism should be considered if T4 is also low so you could ask him to consider this.

If you are taking Levo then I would ask why your total T4 is so far under range. Also that as your FT4 is under range, coupled with your under range total T4, you don't think you have enough T4 to convert adequately to enough T3 and that you think an increase in Levo is needed.

If your endo ordered the vitamin and mineral tests, pont out the over range CRP and Ferritin and ask what is to be done about those

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thanks. all very helpful. i am on no meds at moment but considering going into clinic in a wheelchair as i cant walk far anyway without getting exhausted


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