Possible Hyperthyroidism?

I'm a 19 year old girl and have recently been diagnosed with CFS/ME. However, the past few years I have noticed I have been unable to put on any weight. Being 5ft10, I only weigh 55kg, thus am what the NHS would say 'underweight'.

I wouldn't say I had a fast metabolism, though I do eat more than all of my peers and snack throughout the day too. Obviously, having CFS means I always feel tired, anxious, have swollen glands, be really moody and have trouble sleeping, etc.

Recently, however, the past month or so I have been extremely thirsty, to the point I'll manage to drink over a litre of water in an hour, to the stage where my head feels as though it's drowning, but still I am still thirsty. Obviously along with this is needing to go to the toilet more frequently. In the past I'd go toilet 2/3 times a day maximum, now its at least once ever hour.

Also, I am extremely sensitive to heat, to the point that even if it's 2 degrees outside, I will need to sleep with my window or patio door wide open because I overheat, even sleeping with a minimum tog duvet.

Having told my mum she's said it could be an over-reactive thyroid, though I had been tested for this two years ago and it was normal.

If anyone could help and suggest what could be wrong I'd be very grateful. I am currently doing my exams so haven't got time to book in at the doctors until after which is still three weeks away.

Many thanks!!! :)

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  • i would suggest its diabetes or diabetes Insipidus

    insist on tests fast

  • Go see a doctor as soon as you can.

  • Good advice above. Also ask for vitaminB12 to be tested. Many people diagnosed with CFS/ME have low levels. Important not to supplement before tests are carried out:


    The Pernicious Anaemia Society

    Mon-Sa 8am-2pm


    +44 (0)1656 769 717

    Recommended Books:

    "Could it be B12?", by Sally Pacholok's and Dr. Stuart

    Dr. Datis Kharrazian :

    Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms?

    Why Isn't My Brain Working?

  • Hi

    Pls can I ask who diagnosed you with ME/Cfs?

    The leading consultant on the county is Sarah MYHill in Wales.

    She has an excellent web page detailing everything from diet how to improve health vitamins thyroid issues adrenal gland problems. She's written about diabetes . She was formerly an endocrinologist for 16 yrs and has 8k patents.

    Yes see your GP they will look at one issue but for CFS meds attacking on all fronts.

    I am lucky I know her personally- if you can change 10 things that make a difference of 2% each that's a massive improvement.

    Yes I am in the health profession and sleep is a massive factor here.

    If you need any help pls message me and I will do all I can.

    In the meantime diet is key with vitamins thyroid and adrenals being checked.

    Best wishes

  • I agree. There is quite a bit of crossover of symptoms of many autoimmune disease caused by chronic inflammation. I theorise that it's genetic and gut biome factors that determine our 'weak spots', so the initial causes could be very similar for two people, but one person may develop fibromyalgia, while another will get an underactive thyroid, pernicious anaemia and some M.E. symptoms. Interestingly, much of the advice given by Dr Myhill for CFS works equally well for those of us with thyroid issues, so it's well worth looking at her web pages now you've had the initial diagnosis - but it's absolutely worth pushing for some more blood tests!

    The overheating thing is a metabolic issue that must be reported asap. Bear in mind that the thyroid kicks in from midnight 'til six in the morning when it takes over the body's metabolic processes from the adrenals. It shouldn't be keeping you awake and needing the loo, so there's definitely an imbalance somewhere. Hope you can get some help, and soon!

    Personally, I'd recommend going gluten and dairy free and limit sugars too as your system is definitely trying to flush out a lot of what it thinks are toxins and you need to reduce inflammation. Eat small quantities of simple proteins like chicken, eggs and some fish for Omega 3; limit grains and eat lots of cooked veggies - microwaved sweet potatoes, spinach and other dark greens, I love ramen - chicken bone broth flavoured with garlic and ginger infused oil with spring onions, chicken and watercress - it's brilliant for an overstressed system, or getting over viruses.

  • Sorry forgot to mention rice noodles (in the ramen) :-) Best check your thyroid levels first though, because you may need to limit iodine if you're hyperthyroid.

  • Thank you for your response and I will definitely consider going gluten free- I went dairy free for two months last year but it didnt seem to make any difference

  • Maybe try one thing at a time then - to see what works. Going gluten free is slowly coming to the public consciousness from functional doctors here and abroad for many autoimmune issues (including autoimmune thyroid and diabetes).

    At first, all I could think of was blueberry muffins to the point where I thought, 'what'll it matter?' then I tried one and it was so claggy in my mouth I realised how they just didn't do it for me any more!!!

    If you are ok with dairy then greek yogurt is very good. Fat is fine as long as it's not trans fat, or meat fried at high temperatures. Full fat/ no sugar is way better than low fat /plus sugar! When you hydrate, consider adding some ascorbic acid powder (vitamin c) and some mineral mix (Dr Myhill does one) to it as this is more isotonic than pure water. You're cells could become hypotonic at this rate, but your kidneys sound as though they could be in danger too, so get some advice on your solute / water intake! (Probably need to do a wee sample..)

  • The more I think about it, the more I also think your GP should check you out for a uti (over and above all your autoimmune issues) - kidneys are really important!

  • Hi,

    I was diagnosed by Dr. Robert Gardner, a specialist in Devon. I had to wait 10 months for the appointment because it's the one of the only clinics in the South-West.

    I did go to around 4 GPs who carried out blood tests and basically just told me it was 'all in my head' but the last GP I saw had referred me to the CFS clinic because my symptoms were so severe.

    My diet is very varied, and i take multivitamins to help with catching illnesses.

    Thank you!

  • I have a friend who was like you couldn't put on weight ate very well, and constant thirst etc, diagnosed diabetes type 1 also people that are diagnosed with CFS/ME are often deficient in amino acids, low in carnitine. Hope this helps...

  • Sounds like diabetes. You can get a quick test at your local chemist.

  • Further to my previous replies - just wanted to clarify really....

    Autoimmune equals body stupidly attacking itself over a case of mistaken identity. However, the severity of your symptoms indicate it could actually be a genuine infection (maybe a UTI), so must be ruled out and soon!

  • Your symptoms sound exactly like mine when I lived in mold. ME/CFS are often associated with mold and Lyme. Mold changes the osmality and thirst and frequent urination are common as are static shocks. Is there mold or water damage where you live? I have a mold gene that makes me even more susceptible. Many people think it can't be mold, because no one else in the home is sick but that is simply not true. My husband did not get as ill as I did.

  • Right! no there isn't any mold where I live, it's new refurbished student accommodation so the uni have to take care that the rooms are free of mold and anything harmful.

    Thanks anyway!

  • Please have a good and reputable endocrinologist redo your blood work. Sometimes primary care doctors overlook the obvious.

  • I think the thirst you can't quench is your biggest problem just now. It could be diabetes insipidus as has already been mentioned by others.


    It is a completely different disease to diabetes mellitus which is far more common. According to wikipedia at the above link :

    Although they have a common name, diabetes mellitus and diabetes insipidus are two entirely separate conditions with unrelated mechanisms.

    Info on diabetes mellitus can be found here :


    It might be a good idea to start noting down how much fluid you drink, and when. Also record times and quantities of how much you pee. (Pee into a measuring jug). If you could do that between now and when you see a doctor it might help him/her quite a lot.

    NHS Info on diabetes insipidus and diabetes mellitus Type 1 and Type 2. Note that there are several tabs to read at each link i.e. Overview, Symptoms, Causes etc :




  • It sounds like diabetes or hyperthyroidism, not M.E.

  • I am already diagnosed with ME. Current symptoms included are new, not linked to ME

  • If you haven't already done a wee sample and bloods for your GP then do it - this certainly isn't M.E.. I know at least a couple of people who were diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at your age / also Graves disease. I had a kidney infection twenty odd years ago - rundown and thirsty for a while, then one evening I collapsed in agony worse than childbirth - took very strong antibiotics to shift it and a month off work. The doctors are going to need more data to figure out what's going on with you - but to measure the fluid you're drinking and weeing is a good suggestion by humanbean.

  • Extreme thirst could be related to diabetes. If you want to rule out hyperthyroidism, you should probably have both FT3 and FT4 tests to make sure both are in-range. TSH won't give you that info.

  • I have auto-immune problems including both types of diabetes. It def sounds like diabetes insipidus which was diagnosed by an endocrinologist. The testing is straightforward, 24 hour urine collection and blood testing followed by a water deprivation test with blood monitoring. Once diagnosed I have been treated with demopressin which works very well. In my case they are unsure whether it is the small lesion on my pituitary or sarcoidosis causing it but I would def recommend asking for a referral to see an endocrinologist. Good luck

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