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TSH result - what's going on?

So I've been on NDT self medicating with Thiroyd for 9 months. Previous blood test tsh 0.7 great! Results from doc yesterday tsh 11.4!! What's going on does anyone know? My gp will only test tsh so no other results.

Any ideas (I takes 2 grains NDT) doc is unaware that I take this and so has just increased my Levo prescription to 150 mcg. Thanks folks x

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How do you feel?

What symptoms do you have?

How long ago was your last blood test with the TSH 0.7 result?

Do you have autoimmune hypothyroidism aka Hashi's?

With a TSH of 11.4 I would say a Free T4 and a Free T3 aren't actually necessary - you are obviously under-medicated.


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